ISIO III (Bosch Isio cordless shape and edge)

Main Features
Main Features

Multifunctional: the Isio is more versatile than ever before thanks to a new range of “Multi-click” attachments.

Compact and lightweight: the ideal shape, size and weight for effortless operation.

High endurance and power: lithium-ion battery and “Anti-Blocking System” enable undisturbed work for up to 50 minutes with one battery charge.


Battery typeLithium-ion
Battery voltage3,6 V
Battery capacity1,5 Ah
Battery runtimeup to 50 mins
Battery charge time3,5 h
Blade length12 cm (shrub)
Blade width8 cm (grass)
Blade spacing0,8 cm
Weight550 g
3.6 Volt+
“Anti-Blocking System”+
SDS system+
Charge level indicator+

Part number

0 600 833 172

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