Masonry & Concrete Drill Bits

Standard for Drilling Large and Deep Holes in Concrete

SDS max-9 BreakThrough Drill Bit

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SDS max-9 BreakThrough Drill Bits

SDS max-9 BreakThrough Drill Bit is standard when drilling large and deep holes in concrete

  • Vacuum-brazed and hardened carbide 3-cutter tip to break through large pieces of material
  • Long tapered shank makes breakthrough-drilling possible
  • 2-flute U-shape design provides good dust removal
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Product descriptions

The SDS max-9 BreakThrough Drill Bit is standard when drilling large and deep holes in concrete. Its 3-cutter tip made from fine-grade carbide is vacuum-brazed and hardened to enable fast results and good removal of large pieces of material. The bit´s long tapered shank makes breakthrough-drilling possible, while its 2-flute U-shape design provides good dust removal. The bit is intended for breakthroughs with diameters from 45 mm to 80 mm in concrete, masonry and limestone, e.g. for fixing cables and pipes outside. It is intended for use with rotary hammers.

Note: Always ensure that you use hammer drills with suitable capacity for breakthrough-drill bits to avoid overload. Observe the operating instructions of the rotary hammer.


Product range

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1 Available product variations
Part number Diameter (D) mm Working length (L1) mm Total length (L2) mm Pack quantity
1 618 596 458
55.00 850 1000 1 Pcs
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