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What is BeConnected

Professional power tools are the lifeline in the work that you do. That’s why, we’ve designed the essentials that make your challenging job easier. Now, we are going to make your life simpler too.

Introducing BeConnected — an app that keeps all the important information you need about your Bosch professional power tools at your fingertips. It lets you work smarter, faster and safer. With BeConnected, you’re always a tap away from finding more information and getting help from us.



Scan and register your Bosch power tools to get paperless warranty.


Get your product authenticity verified online and enjoy peace of mind.

Rewards and benefits

Don’t miss out the latest hot deals, promotions and rewards from Bosch.

Digital services
Digital services

Get easy access to more service offerings in the future via BeConnected.

Where to download

Where do I get the BeConnected APP?

Start to manage your power tools and get easy access to benefits and services today.

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