Redefining the high-performance battery

The new ProCORE18V+ 8.0Ah

Revolutionary tabless cell technology ensures a longer runtime and maximum power for your heavy-duty applications

Get more for your heavy duty applications with PROCORE18V+

more drill holes in concrete¹
more removal of metal material²
more cuts in wood³

ProCORE18V+ is compatible with new and existing Bosch Professional tools in the same voltage class since 2008, as well as tools within the AMPShare alliance.

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The next generation of high-power batteries is here. With tabless cell technology, ProCORE18V+ 8.0Ah gives your BITURBO tools greater performance and longer runtime than ProCORE18V 8.0Ah, so you can complete heavy-duty applications with ease.

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Revolutionary tabless cell technology

ProCORE18V+ 8.0Ah is built on revolutionary tabless cell technology, featuring countless parallel current pathways for less inner resistance and less heat. In combination with the heat management of COOLPACK 2.0, the tabless cell technology of ProCORE18V+ 8.0Ah helps ensure a longer battery lifetime.*⁴

Battery runtime

ProCORE18V 4.0Ah: All the power of a conventional battery – but without the weight. Best for strenuous positions (e.g. overhead work).

NEW: ProCORE18V+ 8.0Ah: Revolutionary tabless cell technology provides longer runtime for BITURBO tools and maximum power for your heavy-duty applications.

ProCORE18V 12.0Ah: Enhanced performance and the longest runtime. Best paired with BITURBO tools to complete the most demanding applications.

*¹ Up to 71% more drill holes in concrete. Ø25mm drilling in concrete C30/37. Drill bit 8X Ø25x400mm. 150mm deep/ hole. Total drilling distance until stop (30s drilling, 30s break).
*² Up to 44% more removal of metal material. Grinding with a Bosch flap disk (2608619209) at 30-second intervals with a 5-second break in between. Application on a 200x10 steel plate (mild steel).
*³ Up to 41% more cuts in wood. Cutting a Spruce wood: 100x100mm (no breaks). Cutting disc: Expert for Wood, 305 x 2,2/1,6 x 30 mm, 60 Teeth (2 608 644 528).
*⁴ Internal test results of lifetime comparison of ProCORE18V+ 8.0Ah vs. ProCORE18V 8.0Ah.
*⁵ Battery with cordless tool provides up to 1,000W of equivalent corded tool.
*⁶ Battery with cordless tool provides up to 2,000W of equivalent corded tool.

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