Heat guns

GHG 18V-50 Professional

Cordless Heat Gun

GHG 18V-50

Flexible 18V heat gun for working on the go

  • Save time: Fast heating up to 300 °C within 6 seconds
  • Portability and flexibility in every working environment
  • Two temperature levels (300/500 °C) and LED light for easy operation

Functions & key features

Bosch Heavy Duty Bosch Heavy Duty - Power, Performance and Robustness redefined!
 Powerful motor to easily reach a working temperature of 300 °C
 Illuminating of the work area

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  • in cardboard box with Reflector nozzle, 32 x 33 mm (1 609 390 453)
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in cardboard box with Reflector nozzle, 32 x 33 mm (1 609 390 453) 0 601 2A6 580

GHG 18V-50 Professional

Your Selection

GHG 18V-50
in cardboard box with Reflector nozzle, 32 x 33 mm (1 609 390 453)

Order number: 0 601 2A6 580

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Included in this variant

  • Reflector nozzle, 32 x 33 mm
    Order number: 1 609 390 453
  • Cardboard box
  • Reduction nozzle, 9 mm
    Order number: 1 609 201 797

Technical data

Additional data

Battery voltage 18.0 V
Weight excl. battery 0.59 kg
Working temperature 300 - 500 °C
Airflow 175 l/min
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GHG 18V-50

GHG 18V-50 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

Work on the go – the GHG 18V-50 Professional is designed for flexible usage in any environment. Equipped with a fast heat up to 300 °C within 6 seconds, this cordless heat gun loses no time in reaching the defined temperature. Thanks to its great portability and flexibility, the GHG 18V-50 is great for use in any working environment, even at large construction sites where no electricity is available. With two temperature levels of 300 °C and 500 °C and the LED light, the heat gun ensures easy operation at any time.

Equipment & Application

The GHG 18V-50 Professional is suitable for numerous applications, including tube shrinking on any construction site. It is compatible with all available nozzles of our corded heat guns, as well as with all Bosch Professional 18V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System). To reach maximum power, use ProCORE18V ≥ 4.0 Ah.

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