Detector GMS 100 M Professional

The preferred detector in its class.
GMS 100 M Professional
Technical data
Additional data
Max. detection depth* 100   mm
Detection depth, magnetic metal, max. 100   mm
Detection depth, non-magnetic metal, max. 80   mm
Detection depth, live cables, max. 50   mm
Dust and splash protection IP 54  
Power supply 1 x 9 V 6LR61  
Automatic deactivation, approx. 5 minutes  
Weight, approx. 0.26   kg

* Highlighted Data


The preferred detector in its class.

  • Calibration-free for maximum reliability
  • Automatic zoom scale for more precise detection
  • Detectable materials: Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, live cables


Detection depth of power cable Detection depth of live cables, max. 50 mm
Detection depth of metal Detection depth of steel, max. 100 mm
Detection depth of magnetic metal Detection depth of copper, max. 80 mm
IP protection 54 Dust and splash protection IP54
Battery 9.6 V Power supply by 1x 9 V 6LR61 battery
What’s Included in this Package
with Accessory, Hand strap
with Accessory, Hand strap
Order number: 0 601 081 100
  • Hand strap
  • 1 x 9 V block battery (6LR61)

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